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FT Traders Division
UPDATE:  (16 May 2019) - The FT Traders Division of The FT Group LLC announced today that they have developed "powder-coated steel" and an "aluminum-version" replacement Cradle Beams for the galvanized metal-version of Tide Tamer Swinger 1500 LB boat lift. This product was designed to support current owners of the galvanized metal-version of the lift who need replacement Cradle Beams but are unable to obtain the products from the OEM because of their full transition to aluminum only.  Interested parties should contact for further information on either version (powder-coated steel or aluminum).
To receive price and delivery information on any products that fall within the following NAICS, SIC and FSC classifications, please contact The FT Traders via email at Sales or by telephone at +1-321-604-5195.

421210 Furniture
421220 Home Furnishings
421420 Office Equipment
421490 Other Professional Equipment and Supplies
421810 Construction & Mining Machinery and Equipment
421820 Farm & Garden Machinery and Equipment
421910 Sporting & Recreational Goods and Supplies
421920 Toy & Hobby Goods and Supplies
421940 Jewelry, Watch, Precious Stone & Metal
421990 Other Miscellaneous Durable Goods
422320 Men's & Boy's Clothing and Furnishings
422330 Women's, Children's & Infants Clothing
422340 Footwear
422990 Other Miscellaneous Nondurable Goods
541320 Landscape Architectural Services
541613 Marketing Consulting Services
561730 Landscaping Services

The FT Traders have met the US Government's requirements for Protective Clothing & Ballistic Shields

The FT Group LLC has the experience of supporting customers like the Portuguese F-16 Program Office.
0781 Landscape Counseling and Planning
0782 Lawn and Garden Services
5021 Furniture
5023 Home Furnishings
5044 Office Equipment
5049 Professional Equipment
5082 Construction and Mining Machinery
5083 Farm and Garden Machinery
5084 Industrial Machinery and Equipment
5091 Sporting & Recreational Goods
5092 Toys & Hobby Goods and Services
5094 Jewelry & Precious Stones
5099 Durable Goods, NEC
5131 Piece Goods & Notions
5136 Men's & Boy's Clothing
5137 Women's & Children's Clothing
5139 Footwear
8748 Business Consulting, NEC

8425 Underwear and Nightwear, Women's
8405 Outerwear, Men's
8410 Outerwear, Women's
7110 Office Furniture
7290 Msc Household Furnishings and Appliances
7350 Tableware
7830 Recreational & Gymnastic Equipment
8420 Underwear and Nightware, Men's

FT Traders can meet your needs for high quality, name brand products at competitive prices.